Sunday, April 01, 2007


Blogging has become quite popular recently. It is amazing how trends spread so quickly. I mentioned to my mom a few years ago - have you seen Les's blog. She said - "what?"
"Blog, I said blog."
She answered, "Bl -what?"
One day nobody has heard of blogging and almost the next everybody has a blog. What, you don't have a blog? Are you crazy? What must you be thinking? - not having a blog? Have you read my blog?
Blog. blo. blog. What is that word anyway? Blog. Where did it come from? Do you think it is already in the dictionary? Yes. Blog. Blaw. blaw. blag. brag. Oooh wait, I get it. I understand the attraction with the blog. It is simple human nature. You know, everyone likes to hear themselves talk - especially to talk about themselves. It's not an insult to say it - it is probably a healthy obsession in some ways. The blog lets us jabber on and on about ourselves or whatever else we want. And then you just put it out there for the world to see if they so choose. This aspect of the blog makes my mom nervous. She's very weary of having, what she pictures to be, the whole world logging on and reading all of her secrets.