Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Tongue

 A few nights ago Les and I were watching a program that highlighted some of the Guinness World record holders.  We marveled at the speed of the cup stackers, we gasped at the fat twins, the longest toe nails, the tatooed leopard guy, and the lady that popped her eyes out.  But one that really caught our attention was the long tongue record holder.  This was the one that we rewound again and again.  Immediately I went to my sewing machine and found a measuring tape.  As many of you know, Les has a very long tongue.  It is a family trait.  5 of the 6 siblings (I think) in his family have this abnormality.   We weren't exactly sure where to start the tape measure in order to get an accurate accounting in comparison to the Guinness record.  So, the next day Les actually got on the Guiness website, registered, and got the specifications.   Les's tongue is either the same or about 1/4 centimeter shy of the world record.  Impressive right?  Our next mission is to get a measurement of older brother Frank's tongue and sister Lisa's tongue who hold the family record.  This absurd tongue seems to be a strong trait - all of the grandchildren have it.   We might also have a record holder in our own little family.  

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I Have a Confession

I must confess - my house is in total chaos today. Every room that I enter has things in it that really don't belong. Why, for instance, is the electric mixer in our bedroom, and Les's toothbrush face down in the carpet? (sorry honey). In the dining room we have a blender with one yellow rubber glove inside and several of Gus's books. The bathroom is home to most of my pots and pans as well as our dust pan which holds the other rubber glove.

I am really not on my game today. This morning while Gus was taking a bath in our kitchen sink he was able to remove a piece of the sink next to the faucet unveiling a hole which emptied into the under-quarters of the sink. He poured several full cups of water down the hole before I realized the problem. And while I was emptying the cabinet, trying to demoisturize it, I knelt down on a bottle of dish soap - squirting it all over the floor. Shortly after that Gus was able to get into some of my candle wax and he enjoyed a bite of the Candy Apple scent.

So, I just got a phone call and someone is coming over so I need to cut this short and actually do something about my situation rather than continue to talk about it. Darn.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Hair

I don't know how to style it myself...I really wish I would have taken these yesterday.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Pardon me Sir, Do you have any Grey Poupon?

Last Sunday night, after having been sick all day, and lounging around the house doing nothing, Les and I were desperate to watch a movie. We scrolled through all of the On-Demand stuff that Comcast offers, as we often do, but found nothing of interest. So, then we stumbled across the The Singles Ward 2. Now, unfortunately, Les would rather shovel our driveway or change poopy diapers than watch this movie. He has been very disappointed with many of the "church" movies that have been made. And, frankly, he's sick and tired of seeing the same thing again and again. But, I am a more mild critic and I was actually in the mood to watch something that I pretty well knew would be stupidly laughable. I just wanted to relax with Les and watch something that we could laugh about. Somehow I convinced Les to join me. The movie very much lived up to our expectations.

Over the next few days I kept thinking about a few of the characters in the movie - the way they were written and portrayed. The story has the infamous Kirby, of course, and a girl from his singles ward and they are getting married. However, she is a convert to the church and her parents don't really approve of the union. It was the bride's parents that puzzled me. They were non-Mormon, non-Utahn people who had a lot of money. For some reason the screen-writer chose to stereotype the non-Mormon, non-Utahn rich people as being 1) divorced 2) snobby 3) very naive and disrespectful of Mormon culture 4) perceiving Utah Mormons as hillbillies 5) talking like they were someone's butler 6) money worshippers 7) psychotic. Why do we continue to perpetuate this stereotype of ourselves as well as the stereotype of outsiders looking in at us? (us = Utah Mormons). I understand that these characters were mostly the way they were because the movie was a "comedy"- term used loosely.

I can't ignore the message that it sends when Halestorm pictures and many others continue to give us characters like this. I just don't believe that our non-Utah, non-Mormon friends talk like the Fresh Prince's Butler - even the rich ones. I don't think we need to continue to put a chasm between "us" and "them". I prefer to believe that non-Utah and/or non-Mormon people are...well, pretty much just like me. Nice people trying to do what they believe is good and right. Trying to raise their children or do their job the best they can and trying to make a positive dent in the world.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Making me Happy

10. I finally got around to cleaning my car after all the holiday hub-bub as well as the Idaho trip. I LOVE a newly cleaned car.

9. Gus has a few new funnies. Lately when I try to reason with him about something for instance - "No, Gus I'm sorry you can't have another cookie because we are going to eat dinner in a few minutes." or "You have to put your shoes on if you want to go anywhere today." His response has been a very mature "Oh."

8. My new work set up... office chair, move over...hello chaise lounge.

7. Have you seen the new American Gladiators? Militia? Hellga? Crush? and of corse Wolf?! Les and I have watched the first few episodes and we laugh our guts off.

6. Juno, of course. It is as good as they all say. I did cry at the end. Next stop - The Great Debaters and The Kite Runner.

5. My newly organized kitchen drawers.

4. My cousin Sheryl, who I mentioned previously as being in China for a stem cell transplant, is back in Utah. The blood clots she's aquired are better treated in the US than China. Things seem to be going well.

3. Les and I spent a day in Provo this week. We combed through several shops that have been featured on YourHeartOut and spent the afternoon with good friends Colby, Amy, and Steven.

2. Gus and I are almost all the way healed after a nasty week of ear infection and strep throat, respectively. It is true - you really don't appreciate being healthy until you've felt sick for a while. Opposition in all things I guess.

1. Tyson is Home! My sister's husband has been in Iraq for the last 10 months and he arrived in Salt Lake last night for a 2 week visit. More to come on this!