Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Let the tag begin

Ten Years Ago...
I think I was a Senior in High School. Waking up every morning around 5:00am for drill practice. I had really great friends that I spent a lot of time with studying, etc. (I am still close with most). I loved my AP English class that year as well as Creative Writing. I loved high school - I did all the social things.
Five Places I have Lived...
I lived in the same house in Cottonwood Heights from 0-18.
Since I've been married we've moved 7 times. Provo, Cottonwood Heights, Provo, Sugarhouse, Bluffdale, Cottonwood Heights, Salt Lake.
Never lived outside of Utah.
Five things on my to do list...
Which to-do list? I'm obsessed with lists so I happen to have like 5 to-do lists right now.
Pump air in stroller tires
Go to Costco
Rent Becoming Jane (is it good?)
Measure bathroom (we're finally finishing our downstairs bathroom- woohoo)
Gift for Les.

I enjoy...
Being with friends and family, the idea of Spring, finishing a project/crossing things off my list, spending the day with Gus and the evening with Les, having a clean house
Three bad habits...
I have too many bad habits
Leaving my shoes all over the house
Going to bed late
Biting my nails (which is chipping away my front tooth)
Five things you might not know about me...
Thanks to my 100 things there isn't a lot left that I haven't already said but I'll try.
I love making up games. I make Les play lots of my made up games... Invent an Instrument, Dance an Occupation, Be the Voice for TV characters, and so many more (this counts for at least 2 of the 5, right?)
I'm horrible at learning harmonies
I love house plants
My mom had a puppet and book shop when I was a pre-teen
Five jobs I have had...
in no particular order
Dry Cleaning - twice
Convergys in Orem
Graystone Mortgage
Jefferson Nationwide Mortgage