Wednesday, December 31, 2008


We are really discovering how very funny and creative Gus is lately. I just have to blog a few of his funnies so I don't forget.

-A couple days after Christmas he came downstairs with a cardigan on his head and said -"I'm Jesus"

-He loved the play dough he got in his stocking. He was playing with it one evening and came in to me and said - "Show me" which translates as "I'll show you". He took me into our front room where he had given our statue of Joseph Smith a bright green hat made from play dough.

- Gus loves giving blessings. I'm not sure where he got this idea - he has seen Les give blessings only twice or three times. He'll often lay his hands on our Joseph Smith statue, on daddy or mommy, and sometimes on stuffed animals and say a prayer.

- So much for being a spiritual boy. He took a Mike-n-Ike candy between his middle and ring finger and smoked it like an expert. Again, not sure where he gets this stuff. Probably from nursery - haha.

- One busy errand filled day a few weeks ago, while I was pumping some gas, Gus was deep in thought. "Look mom," he said, folding his ear in half, "Taco".

- Gus loves to wear head bands, gloves (socks on his hands), goggles, hats, a bucket on his head, and all kinds of other accessories. He'll typically go through 5 pairs of socks per day.

- Gus is obsessed with facial hair -he thinks it's hilarious- mustaches especially. He'll often put on a headband and move it down under his nose and wear it as his mustache.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Danger

I have a big task in December to try to come up with both Christmas and Birthday gift ideas for myself to help my poor husband.   I just can't bear the thought of him wandering around store after store looking aimlessly for the perfect gift.  Apparently I'm hard to shop for.  

Before I started brainstorming ideas I was satisfied with everything I have.  I was so very content. I really don't NEED anything.  In fact, every year the idea of collecting more STUFF makes me feel yucky.  

But, once I really get thinking and looking I can definitely find really cute things that catch my eye.  Danger.  Now I think I need this and this and this and maybe even a few others as well, and I have the burden of thinking about these things all throughout the day and how great it would be to have them.  I am so weak.