Sunday, December 30, 2007

Mama Shhh

Mama Shhh is apparently my new name. I've noticed lately that Gus does this Shhh thing to me all the time. And then today Les informed me that almost every morning when he wakes up he says to Les "mama, shhhh" putting one finger up to his lips. Although I understand why he does this, considering my new at-home job, I am still a little bit distraught by my son's perception of me. All of a sudden I'm the mom that you have to tiptoe around. I have this vision in my mind of the mom in the movies that is drunk on the couch with her tongue hanging out of her mouth and drool oozing down her cheek, still wearing her kitchen apron, and the kids all slink by her on their tiptoes, shooshing their friends so she doesn't wake up and start throwing things.

It probably doesn't help that in addition to the new job in the morning where Gus and Dad have to be quiet I also have started taking naps a lot more often during the day as a direct result of the new job. I wonder how he will be affected by this new idea of his mom being a Shhh mama. Maybe 10 or 20 years from now he'll either be the laziest boy ever and want to sleep all the time or maybe he'll resent the fact that I took too many naps and he'll be disgruntled with all laziness.

Any thoughts?

Saturday, December 22, 2007


A few days ago Les and I were in a Walmart doing a little impulse shopping when a man walked in holding a 4 or so year-old boy who was having a screaming fit. At first we weren't sure if the man was the little boy's father because of the way he was choosing to react to this tantrum (we should have know better). As they walked in the man said to the little boy in a very panicked, frantic, and obviously frustrated tone,"what do you want? a cookie, there are donuts right here, do you want a donut, I'll give you a donut. I have one right here. Oh, ice cream? Okay, what ice cream would you like? Pick whichever one you want. Whatever you want. " This is basically just a replay from my mind of what actually happened, but it's pretty close to the real thing. Les and I stood there staring (and Les usually doesn't stare). Watching this encounter scared us both immensely and neither one could turn away. We didn't speak it to each other but I know we were both picturing us doing that exact same thing in 3 years from now - and the thought of that freaked us out.

We do currently have a little problem with the 'giving Gus anything he wants to keep him quiet' thing. It is one of the main things we need to work on as far as our parenting skills go. A one year old (and younger even) can absolutely throw a pre-meditated tantrum. They are so much smarter than we give them credit for. Les and I, from the the very beginning, have joked that Gus has us on "parentwise" (a play on the "Dr. Spock" of our time - "Babywise"). He has us at his every grunt and call and he knows exactly how to get what he wants.

At the very moment, after watching this parenting train wreck in the Walmart, Les and I made a vow to one another that we would not be that parent. We would not let this manipulation run it's course to such extremes. We even shook hands to seal the deal.

So, um, now any suggestions on how to parent?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Like father like son

I love this picture of my boys because they look so much alike here. Look at the lips, the eyebrows, the whispy morning hair. And of course the big blue eyes.

Monday, December 17, 2007

My Birthday/ Making me Happy

10. Yesterday was my 27th Birthday. I am excited about being 27. I think it will be a good year.

9. We had an amazing visit with our friends Colby, Amy, and Steven this week. They brought yellow curry from Tai Siam. We played tripoli and laughed our guts out. And then they put on a concert for us right in our living room. It was so beautiful with the Christmas lights behind them and the mixture of sounds. I felt like I was in a different world. (Surprisingly the guitar, harmonica, cello, and accordian really blend well together - at least when you are as talented as they all are.)

8. On Saturday I found a rug on craigslist and so I drove out to Herriman (beautiful mountain neighborhood way out west) to have a look at it. It turned out that the home had been in the Parade of Homes and they were now selling all the furniture. I about hyperventilated with excitement as I walked through this gorgeous house. I did buy the rug and I also bought this white bowl. It was $10 - how could I resist. This was my birthday present to myself.
7. Thank you to all the kind people who have sittered Gus the last few weeks. We've had a lot going on and we've really taken advantage of our sitters. My favorite part is to hear what Gus did while we were gone. Last night Brigita said that he sang them a song. He made muffins with Hannah. And my mom always brags about his long attention span - especially when it comes to cooking.

6. I finally found some things to give Les for Christmas! I hope you like them honey.

5. It is so nice to have a tree up this year. We weren't able to use any of our Christmas decor last year because we were in the process of remodeling the house.

4. Les and I have been watching all kinds of Christmas and psuedo Christmas movies (the ones that just take place at Christmas time). Les and I are constantly quoting lines from this, one of our favorite movies, "Millions". It came out in 2004. The first time you watch it use the closed caption - that way the wittiness won't get lost in their thick accents. There is even a mormon missionary camio in this flick.

3. This week is going to be so fun and a little crazy. We have a party every night this week. And we are also eating dinner out every
night this week...scary. I could so easily gain 10 pounds.

2. Les gave me this set of 'tried and true' cookbooks for my birthday. I've wanted these forever. Thanks honey! Lots of good cooking to come.

1. I received lots of cards and gifts from friends and family yesterday. I felt very loved. This cards was from my mom. She's funny.

Friday, December 14, 2007

My First Snowman

I had no idea when I got married that I had married a snowman-making expert. Seriously Les had this thing made in about 6 minutes. Les was shocked when I told him I'd never made a snowman before. Yes, I did grow up in Salt Lake City. It seems to me that we tried making snowmen all the time growing up. I think we even tried making a snowfort a couple times. But, the snow was never quite packable enough and our packing and rolling never amounted to much.

Now, I realize that this my first snowman is quite ugly. We couldn't find the traditional peices of coal for the eyes and mouth so we scavenged for other things. The best we came up with was this candy cane mustache. Gus was actually not very interested in the snowman until we added candy to it.

While Les was in the house looking for eyes, nose, and mouth he locked us out of our house accidently - on his way out the door. So, all 3 of us were stuck out in the cold for an hour or so while Les looked for a way to break in and then my mom was able to come and bring a spare key (we did go the our neighbor's house while we waited)

When we returned home we found our poor snowman had tipped over. It was a very interesting day. We'll probably have to attempt this same project again next time it snows so we can get everything right.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Making me Happy

I love reading Ali's "Making me Happy" 10 item list each week. So, I am going to copy her idea (I think she actually got the idea from Domino magazine - so I don't think she'll mind). Here are a few things that I am giddy about this week.

10. My invention of the Chili's carribbean salad for dinner last night- a pretty close duplication if I do say so myself. It's my mom's favorite. Yum.

9. I am loving working from home. My job has worked out so well.

8. Opening the mail today and finding a wedding announcement for my cousin Nathan Simmons (Heather's brother) - whom I didn't even know was getting married. And even better - his fiance looks gorgeous and sweet - exactly what he deserves. The mail also brought my new Domino! Yahoo.

7. My new IKEA dishtowels with gorgeous Christmas patterns - and oh so cheap too! I went to return an item and vowed to Les that I wouldn't buy anything. And then I spotted the towels. I really had to bribe him on that one.

6. Gus's recent ability to say "snooooo" and "ice". He's also been doing his alligator impression a lot lately - no idea why. He's such a cute boy. I can't wait to show him off to Les's family over Christmas.
5. We attended the Forgotten Carols this week with the Larsons- continuing our yearly tradition. They changed the show quite a bit - but I loved the new singer. Jordan something. He has a really powerful voice.

4. The threadless $10 shirt sales this month- we missed the "Now that's Dope. Indeed" Tee last week but we did manage to score the "I listen to bands that don't even exist yet" Tee this week. We also got a good laugh at this Go Japan! Tee.

3. My great idea to throw a party - a breakfasty- brunch party with the girls/moms in the neighborhood. I can't wait to flaunt my quiche recipe, as well as crepes, and cinnamon bundt cake.

2. My ward Christmas party took place on Saturday night and it all went very well. The food tasted really yummy, we had lots of people come - even more than usual. And the best part for me were the decorations - they were beautiful! The corner display with nativity scenes (with moss velvet fabric woven between and pine swags) looked amazing and the tables with IKEA red and white table runners and pine swags as centerpieces were also fantastic! Everyone raved. Even the old ladies who I feared might find it too modern were making comments. It feels funny to have something you've worked hard on for 3 months be over.

1. Christmas is really here. We have bombarded ourselves with music, we put up our tree (which Les insists we leave the lights on all day and night), and now I just have to figure out what I am going to get for Les. Any ideas?

Monday, December 03, 2007

I love being married

A few nights ago Les and I were able to go to our Stake Bishopric dinner that was held at the Jospeh Smith Memorial Building. We had a great time - the food was really good, the company was great, and John Bytheway came to speak to us. (he is one of my favorite ever speakers - does that make me a teenybopper - or do they say tween now?)

His talk was about marriage. Several times throughout the night he said "I love being married." I remember when Les and I first got married we said that all the time. We told everyone - marriage is wonderful, we love being married. However, it has been a long time since I said it. I'm happy to say that although our marriage has had its adjustments with the addition of Gus, I still LOVE being married.

When I first fell in love with Les I saw him as the most sincere, genuinely kind person I'd ever met. And now that we've been married for 6 years...wo ho let me tell you... He is still the most sincere and kind person I know. I trust him immensely. I look up to him, he has so much wisdom and perspective.

My eldest cousin Sheryl is currently in China undergoing a very painful and arduous process of a stem cell transplant (which is the last hope for her rare and supposedly "incureable" disease). For the last 40 or so days she has been in what they call "the box". This is an 8x8 room which must be completely sterile. Only the doctors and nurses can come in after sterilizing themselves completely and covering up with several layers of clothing. With there 6 children at home, her husband Lon has been in China with her throughout the ordeal and while she is in the box he can only see her and talk to her through a glass window. Here is a part of his most recent email:

For the past 40 days, as Sheryl has either been in the box or with so many tubes and pain that I have not been able to be with her, it is hard to look thru the glass and not be able to hug her. The phone doesn't work most of the time for Sheryl- so I can hear her but she cannot hear me. Many of you have offered to fly over and see Sheryl and me - we had to say no. I truly feel that I am alone and in prison. I have never felt so all alone as I do now. Yes, I feel the peace of the Lord, yes, I have the scriptures, yes, I have prayer-but I am alone and Sheryl is all alone. The people here at the hospital speak either no English or very broken. We speak no Chinese so it is hard to have a conversation. Last night I took Sheryl a sliced apple, some yogurt and a piece of bread. Her nurse microwaved it all for a long time! Of course, it was ruined! So I tried one more time and thru charades the nurse got it right the second time!

(I just had to include that part about the microwave because I thought it was so funny)

He continued writing about how grateful he is for eternal marriage and how hellish eternity would be if he couldn't be with his wife for the next, I don't know, trillion years. They have hope and faith that this treatment will work and that she will be coming home in a few months. It's intersting from an outside perspective to see these, what I saw were perfect people, who had everything in the world going for them - so many blessings- to now be tested by fire and to watch them truely mold into even more saintly purified beings.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lessons for Gus

Every once in a while I think of life lessons that I want to try to remember so I can teach them to Gus. So, I think I'll make this a continuing post every now and then. Every parent of course wants to teach their child basic lessons of love, patience, hard work, faith, integrity, gratitude, etc. etc. (Feel free to make a list of them for me so I don't forget any.)But there are so many more life lessons that I hope Gus is able to learn early on so that he doesn't look back and regret anything and so that he can be well respected in life.

A few days ago I was having a conversation with my sister about how we say dumb and rude things sometimes and don't realize that they are rude until after they've left our mouths or maybe even not until hours or days later. It seems to be a family trait. I told her about something I said years ago that has never left my mind. I was a sophomore in high school, on the sophomore cheer squad. It was Halloween and I was invited to a big party that would have sophomores, juniors, and seniors. It was the party to go to. It was only a few weeks prior that our school held the Homecoming Dance and had crowned Homecoming royalty. One of the contestants was a senior cheerleader who I knew, looked up to, and felt quite intimidated by. She didn't win the crown but came in a runner-up. I think I was dressed up in a Mexican sombrero, a wool tunic, and a handlebar mustache when I ran into her at the party. She was dressed up as a princess of sorts. So, as we came face to face in this crowd of people I tried quickly to think of something smart, kind, witty, or just anything to say. Instead what came out of my mouth was "What are you dressed up as? Homecoming Queen?"

It probably didn't help that the party was held at the actual crowned queen's house.

I'm not sure that I will ever forget that moment. I wanted to say something else so bad to make it sound better. The way I meant it was that to me, because she was a member of my cheerleading family, and I knew her to be a great person, in my mind she was the homecoming queen. Although there really is no good way to communicate that.

The lesson that this story provoked for me was this ...everybody says and does stupid things sometimes. Gus will, I certainly will, his friends will, teachers, just about everyone he associates with. And that doesn't necessarily make us bad people. What matters is that we are all trying to be good people and trying to fix our mistakes along the way. And of course there are occasional run-ins with people who seem to not be trying to be good at all. But, generally there is always good in people. It can be very easy to label someone based on one stupid thing they did or said and it is easy to make a quick judgement of someone based on how they look or talk. (and that's a whole other story)

Gus, try to look for the good in people and not the bad. When possible make your own judgement of people and don't follow someone else's judgement. Overall, be kind to people, and if you are they will remember you and respect you always. And forgive those who hurt you, they probably did it by mistake or because they are hurting inside.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

King of the house

This is Gus's favorite hat. He loves it because he can put it on himself. He'll wear it while we are running errands and people always make comments or give smiles. I'm sure he doesn't mind the attention either. He is a "ham" as my mom would say. You can probably guess that considering the look on his face in this picture.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Our Home

In November of 2006 Les and I bought a home in Rose Park (built in 1948) that needed "a little love". As Les walked through it for the first time, even in the state that it was in (as shown in the photos below), he knew this was where we needed to move. All of our family and friends thought we were crazy when they saw it for the first time - pre-remodel. But, for some reason we were never phased by the huge task we had before us. Les had no previous experience nor interest in home remodeling. So, armed with a book from the library, Lowe's Home Improvement, he started the job - very determined to figure things out for himself.

After 3 months of renovations, many long days, late nights, and many thousands of dollars later we moved into our new house!! Here are a few before and afters.

Kitchen Before

Living Room Before


Dining Room Before


Bathroom Before


There is of course more work to be done. We haven't really altered the outside of the house much yet or the yard. That will have to come in time. But for now, we love our new house.

Friday, May 04, 2007

I was watching Oprah a few days ago, as I do fairly often now that I am a stay at home mom, and there was a woman on that I've seen on the show several times before. Although I can't now remember her name, she is the spit fire woman who used to weigh 500+ pounds and her life has been chronicled on the show for the last few 20 years, through the weight struggle, through a bypass surgery, and now through the new struggle of her new body, image, and self-confidence. She lost something like 400 pounds. In looking at her you can tell she still has a lot of loose skin, but regardless she looks amazing. She has a glow and a joy. It was also very obvious to me that she has gained immense wisdom of life and people. Whenever someone goes through a struggle, or a hard time, they come out (if they come out) with a new perspective and new found wisdom for life. She said something on the show that was one of those things that when you hear you know you should probably write down and remember for the rest of your life. She said, and I'm paraphrasing, that there was one thing piece of advice offered by people who had gone through her similar journey. The difference between being a regular person and an obese person is that when a regular person eats a huge meal or binges on ice cream or whatever the next day they just move forward, forget it happened in a way, and they step back into their regular life and regular eating habits. The mind of an obese person says however, when they have a buffet dinner and eat way too much food, the next day they fret over that and it "eats" away at them (so to speak) and they feel guilty and that guilt causes them to binge again and again. More a mindset of - well, I've already failed so I might as well give up and just let myself go. So, the advice being to get back up - so, you've failed. Okay, what next. Make amends and keep moving.

I was reminded of this women last night while listening to a talk by Elder Holland. Les and I went on a road trip for the weekend to visit his Brother's family in Arizona and also his Sister's family in Vegas. Les has downloaded on his ipod lots of church talks so in trying to stay awake at 1:00am last night we listened to several of them. Although it might seem contrary, Elder Holland, to me, is engaging enough to keep me awake while driving in the middle of the night (even when Les promises he won't fall asleep and he does anyway :).

He was telling a story of Winston Churchill - the speech he gave to parliament as they were waging war against Hitler Germany ...
"We have before us an ordeal of the most grievous kind. We have before us many, many long months of struggle and of suffering. You ask, What is our policy? I will say; "It is to wage war, by sea, land and air, with all our might and with all the strength that God can give us: to wage war against a monstrous tyranny, never surpassed in the dark lamentable catalogue of human crime. That is our policy." You ask, What is our aim? I can answer with one word: Victory - victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory there is no survival."

"I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat."

The thought came into my head how this women's advice applied to life in so many different ways - but mainly how it applies to sin. I have a great friend who is plagued over the bad choices of her little sister. She made a few choices - dumb choices - but small. She was too ashamed and embarrassed and guilt ridden to turn them around. So she kept making bad choices, again, and again, and they became bigger. Soon she was carrying around a lot of extra weight - not from donuts. She thought she was in too deep - she thought she couldn't fix such a big mess. The lesson is simply that even if you are carrying around 550 pounds of extra weight, it's not ever too late.

Sunday, April 01, 2007


Blogging has become quite popular recently. It is amazing how trends spread so quickly. I mentioned to my mom a few years ago - have you seen Les's blog. She said - "what?"
"Blog, I said blog."
She answered, "Bl -what?"
One day nobody has heard of blogging and almost the next everybody has a blog. What, you don't have a blog? Are you crazy? What must you be thinking? - not having a blog? Have you read my blog?
Blog. blo. blog. What is that word anyway? Blog. Where did it come from? Do you think it is already in the dictionary? Yes. Blog. Blaw. blaw. blag. brag. Oooh wait, I get it. I understand the attraction with the blog. It is simple human nature. You know, everyone likes to hear themselves talk - especially to talk about themselves. It's not an insult to say it - it is probably a healthy obsession in some ways. The blog lets us jabber on and on about ourselves or whatever else we want. And then you just put it out there for the world to see if they so choose. This aspect of the blog makes my mom nervous. She's very weary of having, what she pictures to be, the whole world logging on and reading all of her secrets.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The truth about baby

My life sure has changed since I had Gus - understatement of the century, right? Well here's another one - I have learned a lot since having a baby.

There is one thing that I keep noticing when I am in public with the baby that I've been wanting to write about for a while.
When Gus was pretty new I had to learn that he is not me. He is his own entity, his own person. I am not him; he is not me. I think this is something that some moms never really learn. It took me a while to realize that other people may have relationships with Gus, even as a baby, that don't include me. For instance, as Gus and I are out walking or at the grocery store or what not, people will smile at Gus or wave at Gus or make a comment - it is NOT a smile, wave, comment to me - only Gus. And it's like they don't really even notice me - which is not a big deal - I'm not dying to be noticed - it just seems somewhat strange. I know I have done the same thing to other people's kids. The problem arises when someone asks Gus a question - directly to him - and then expect him to answer. "How old are you?" "What is your name?" And then they look at him - not me - and wait for an answer. So, of course after a few seconds I have to say with a smirk and a lilt- he's 10 months old. It's somewhat uncomfortable for me. I don't want to be butting into Gus's conversations when I'm not invited, but people just don't really see the situation for what it is. Sure, I know that they would expect me to answer the question - if I didn't they would think I was very strange. I really would like to try that some time however. Next time someone poses a question to Gus and not me I will just sit there and not say a word. And then after a little while maybe I'll say - he doesn't know how to talk yet. What's great now that Gus is getting a little older, when people wave at him he is able and alert enough to wave back. People love that. I think it's pretty cute too.

Today I was at the grocery store and the bagger, who happened to have downsyndrome, was smiling at Gus and tickling his tummy. And then as we were leaving he said several times with his face really close to Gus's- "I love you." This reminded me of another funny baby quirk that people have. When Gus is with me I sometimes get special treatment. When I was pregnant I got similar special treatment - but I think then it was because people were more afraid of me than because they thought it was cute. Kind of like - here comes a huge pregnant woman, hurry get out of her way, open the door for her but don't get too close. But now it is a more positive kind of special treatment. I actually had a man say to me "you go first because you have that cute baby." And he let me go ahead of him in line for no reason other than Gus. I really think I could use this to my benefit. People definitely trust you more when you are carrying a baby. It's like you are automatically a good person. I had Gus with me when I had to pick up a check for work. The check had been slid about 3 feet under the office door of my co-worker who wasn't there to unlock the door. (This is a long story for another time but I'll give the brief version). So, without hesitation the man in the office across the hall, no knowing me, started into a full McGyver (not to be confused with a full Monty) to recover this check for me. I could have been a thief for all he knew - I could have stolen the baby just so they'd give me the check.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I guess I'll give it a try

Apparently there is a trend going around - to blog 100 things. I'm not exactly sure what 100 things they are - things you don't know about me? my favorite things? interesting and semi-embarrassing things about my past? Confessions? But, whatever it is, I can't not give it a try. I just seems so fun. So, here is mine.

100. If I eat something sugary in the morning, I want to eat sugar all day long.
99. My current job scares me a lot, but gives me satisfaction in facing what is hard.
98. Even though I feel like I'm supposed to, I don't really like peanut butter
97. and I don't really like shrimp.
96. When I am dressed nice I feel really cool.
95. I only shave my legs about once every two weeks and that seems to be enough
94. Whenever I hear that 'In the middle of the night, I go walking in my sleep' song I do the dance that accompanies it from 9th grade dance company.
93. Deep down in me there is a greener, more health conscience, book loving, exercise machine waiting to come out.
92. Because I am genetically engineered to be cheap and thrifty I sometimes have an urge to cheat or lie to save 30 cents here or there - I really try to supress the urge.
91. I always wished I knew all of the words to Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls -specifically that fast rapping part.
90. I do, or did at one time, know all of the words to Young MC's Busta Move
89. I memorize song lyrics extremely quickly - usually after only hearing the song once.
88. I really like to cook
87. I love watching Iron Chef America, Les and I both enjoy watching it together
86. I would love to be able to cook like a gourmet and very nutrisiously -the way they do at that pay-what-you-want-cafe (One World Cafe?).
85. I really think Gus is going to have a great personality
84. In so many ways I hope Gus turns out like his dad.
83. I love playing board games
82. I love winning board games
81. When I was young I copied everything my older siblings did, and now that I'm older, on a subconscious level, I still do
80. Like Dede, I still feel like I'm 18
79. I really miss hanging out with the boys the way we used to
78. One of the greatest sounds in the world is Gus laughing
77. I think I'm pretty good at making people laugh, especially my mom and Les
76. My feet stink a lot of the time
75. I've been wearing red polish on my toes for the last 11 years (this can be attributed to #81)
74. When I was in 6th grade a girl from another school labled me as 'big boobs, tiny waist, big bum'
73. I think I'm a pretty okay singer but I have vowed to never try out for American Idol, as I'm sure to make a fool of myself
72. I took tennis lessons every Summer for 5 years and I still can't play
71. I took piano lessons for 7 years, never practiced, can't play
70. I used to be a pretty good dancer, but considering the freestyle way I dance now Les doesn't believe I was ever good.
69. I don't wear makeup 5 out of the 7 day of the week.
68. I've been to most all of the classic vacation destinations: Hawaii, Mexico, Europe, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Southern California, New York City.
67. Ever since I was 14 I thought Seatle could be a good place to live, and I still think so
66. If I ever have a lot of money I would do my grocery shopping at Wild Oats and my clothes shopping at Anthropology.
65. I think I'm pretty good at convincing people....maybe I should go to law school
64. I don't really care what kind of car I drive, but I do like a car that can go fast.
63. Luckily, I never went through that awkward phase that middle schoolers usually do.
62. Being a mom is hard and I'm nervous to eventually have 2 babies to take care of
61. I know from many past experiences that my mom would do anything for me
60. I don't know how my mom raised the 4 kids in my family without going totally crazy considering all of the crap that we put her through
59. I am the baby in my family and because of that I felt an obligation to talk in a baby voice until I was almost a teenager. Les says that sometimes I still talk in a baby voice when I want a back tickle or when I want to buy a piece of furniture.
58. I feel bad that I never did chores
57. I never realized until I got older that I am so similar to my dad
56. I know that in not so long from now I will become my mom and I'm okay with that
55. I did, do, and always will love candy
54. One year on Halloween I ate my whole bag of candy the night of. My mom said I would get a stomach ache, etc. but I didn't.
53. I double hate having big boobs.
52. When I'm not chubby I like my face shape.
51. I really love to sleep. That is one thing that is hard about being a mom - you can't sleep whenever you want to.
50. I can fall asleep just about anywhere at any time.
49. I didn't graduate with my bachelors degree. Some days I regret it and some days I don't. But, I really don't want to be one of those moms that goes back at 45 or 50.
48. I really really like decorating although I know there are a lot of people much better at it than I am
47. I am very good at being silly.
46. I ask my husband the same questions all the time: do you think I'm smart? do you think I'm nice? did I say anything stupid?
45. I try too hard to please people.
44. I often fall into the trap of trying to be 'the perfect everything' instead of just being myelf.
43. I think my siblings and my cousins are all very attractive.
42. I love going to Lagoon although I didn't dare ride a roller coaster until I was older.
41. Although my Dad worked with me often, I didn't learn to ride a bike until quite old as well
40. The first time I rode a bike on my own I almost rode off a cliff.
39. Ever since I've had a baby I feel weird:
38. I have a hard time concentrating on the road.
37. I can't remember simple words or names for things - thank goodness for Les being able to read my mind.
36. I am continutally surprised by the reality of a Mother's intuition.
35. I have an amazing marriage.
34. My dream car is a Subaru Forrester.
33. I don't pass on forwards.
32. I will never again ride on a Greyhound Bus.
31. I had a rough relationship with my mother-in-law at first but now I really like her
30. I have lots of ideas for books I want to write. I want to write a book about mother-in-law, daughter-in-law relationships
29. I want to write a book called 'According to my Grandma Toni' with all of the old dutch sayings that she uses.
28. When my grandma dies I'll cry for at least a week straight
27. I went to EFY for 4 years and I loved it - especially the dancing
26. I kissed about 20 boys before I met Les, which he thinks is a lot, but that is not very many compared to my cousin Heather.
25. When Les and I first kissed there were serious fireworks going off.
24. My mom, although she won't admit it, has an obsessive shopping problem.
23. I also have a shopping problem that I am working on.
22. Before my CD collection was stolen I owned 5 Celine Dion CDs - I can't help but think of that thief going through my CDs totally disappointed in the selection
21. I think sometimes about how our grandparents must perceive the trends of today (peircings, tatooes, immodesty, vulgarity) and I like to think that my Grandma is proud at the way I turned out.
20. I've always had a strong sense of self, and strong self-confidence.
19. I've lost 50 pounds since I was pregnant.
18. Although I tried several others here and there, I have been using the same Pantene Pro-V shampoo since I was in 7th grade.
17. I have a really amazing extended family - I often want to brag about them, but restrain myself.
16. Lately I have seen so many women with facial hair. It is kindof freaky.
15. Once in a while when I'm driving around listening to country music radio I'll encounter an especially cheesy yet touching song and I'll have to quickly wipe away a tear.
14. I usually listen to talk radio in the car.
13. I am my kid's mom. (I love you, Dr. Laura)
12. I've noticed that Gus loves when I sign along out loud to the radio. He also likes to sing, he joins in during church hymns.
11. One time in high school I called a radio station who was trying to drive up rivalry between 2 schools the night before a big football game. I actually got through but I froze up and had nothing intelligent to say so I just said something like, "we're going to win... because... I don't know." It was stupid.
10. There used to be a show on MTV called 'Motor Mouth' where they would secretly pose a camera inside of a car and catch the driver singing loudly and passionately the songs on the radio, also with a little car dancing if you're lucky. I'll just say I would be a perfect candidate for that show.
9. I have a staring problem. It has come to the point that when I'm caught staring I don't even look away - I just smile at them as if to say, "Yeah, I was staring at you. It's okay though".
8. I'm not a big reader, which is maybe Les's thing he'd like to change about me; but recently, I've been infected with the bug just a little bit. I even joined a book club.
7. Les and I often throw around quotes from Jerry Seinfeld's stand up routines, Raising Arizona, The Incredibles, Conan, and The Simpson's, etc. And we've recently added Jim Gaffigan quotes to the repretiore. He's funny, man.
6. Les and I like to sing duets together while he plays on the guitar. Although it's not really in my character, sometimes I get into it and sing with my eyes closed because Les loves that.
5. My sister loves watching court TV. She has it on all day sometimes. I prefer decorating shows.
4. My sister's husband is going to Iraq in April and I try not to think about it because it makes me want to cry.
3. I think my biggest motivator to do what is right are my family's loving examples.
2. Writing these 100 things has taken me several weeks.
1. I like stuff.