Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It is really hard for me to not constantly write about our sweet little 2-year-old boy. But I figure this blog is really for me and only those that choose to will read this stuff...so, I can sneak one more little thing in about him, right?

Now that Gus has been talking more, Les and I have discovered that Gus is a very kind and considerate boy and here's the proof.

Example 1:
Whenever someone sneezes or even coughs - especially Les or I - he responds "Bess you, Mama" or "Bess you, Dada." Sometimes when I forget to 'bless him' he'll quietly bless himself, "Bess you, Gus."

Example 2:
Gus kisses all my boo boos as well as moles, headaches, made up owies, and he even tries to kiss away sleepiness. Actually, when either Les or I is acting sleepy he'll fetch a pillow and blanket and tuck us in wherever it is that we're sitting.

Example 3:
Gus likes to make sure we are well fed - when I'm done eating he'll ask in a concerned voice "Mama, More? Yes? No? Mama, Full? Mama, Bite?", offering me some of his food.

Example 4:
Gus is very liberal with his 'sorrys' and his 'thank yous'. It makes us feel bad when he says sorry when it's Les or I that owes him a sorry.

I'll guess we'll keep drilling that Thingamajig book, it seems to be working.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Diaper Boots