Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I love my 2 year old

Yesterday Gus and I were cruising down the road and I was singing loudly as I usually do to that "Almost Paradise" song from Footloose. From the backseat Gus says to me "SSSHHHHHHHHH".
I laughed a little and asked him "you want me to stop singing?"
Of course he said, "yes".
"Do you like this song?"

We kept driving down the road and I was really trying to hold back on some of the best parts of the song (I know, I'm sick). I started to kind of hum/sing really softly.
"Mom." small pause "No." again came from the backseat.

Humbled, I stayed quiet the rest of the song.

(Oh maybe the best part of the whole story was when Gus exclaimed "Colby and Amy" as the singers of Almost Paradise. He loves Colby's music and is always able to identify one of his songs. I'm glad he at least recognized it was a duet.)

Monday, August 25, 2008


(sorry about the poor quality - I just used photo booth. This picture is missing Adrienne & Amy)

It's probably a girly thing to do but I love pulling out the wedding video, old photo albums, or an old note from a friend and oozing over old memories. Last night I pulled out my yearbook from my Senior year at BHS to show a picture to a friend. I couldn't put it down. I got all nostalgic and scanned through the photos and read the cheesy notes for over an hour. It was awesome. I want to share a few good ones. (This will mainly be enjoyed by those I went to high school with.)

Thanks for being such a cute friend. I will always remember you.
Josh Hansen
(yeah, this came from a guy - weird. and funny. I noticed he was voted most likely to retire at 30...and, it could actually happen)

Here we are at the bridge of life. The times together are forever imprinted in my brain, from the short love affair to the silly fights and heated conversations. I will miss you while I'm gone. ..It is weird how things turn out over long periods of times. Although our friends aren't as tight as they used to be and some almost non-existent I will always consider you one of the best friends I have... It has been a high school to remember. I love you always.
(he was leaving for boot camp in a few days. In person- really funny, in print - very serious)

Have a great summer.
Dede Hughes
(message #1)

Christy, You are so great! ... I really did appreciate the times I had with you. Hopefully, they won't stop here. I went to a XXX bar last night and it made me realize how much I like you. I think I'm a lucky guy to be this close to you. In all seriousness, I treasure the fun times that you were a part of. If you hold me, I'll hold you back and then some. Memories are good but you know what's better? Hamburgers and Hotdogs. Thank you baby.
-Tyler Sorensen "Stallone"
(maybe the funniest guy i know. currently in medical school)

...I thoroughly enjoyed the times that we shared, especially when we were sucking face. (*didn't happen) When I wasn't with you, I was always thinking of you. Please do not water balloon me or start a fire in my house. However, you can come to my window whenever you need a friend. Heart, Reese
(also in medical school. he was so fun to play tricks on - like the time we spelled REESE about 20x40 in the snow in his backyard - in the middle of the night)

Bateman -
You are hot! I love you!
Heart, Dede
(message 2)

I love you.
Heart, Dede (your best friend)
(message 3 - there are more)

How come cannibals can't eat people like you? Because they can't keep a good woman down! Thanx for being my buddy.
(sweet sweet seminary president)

Bateman -
You and me in study group were like mashed potatoes. It is likely that we were meant for each other since 9th grade. I wish we could be on the same team next year. Keep in touch -k-
Pimps forever.
Love, Sean Mawhinney #32
(not one of my immediate group of friends. smart guy, baseball guy as you can see)

We've been through a lot of s--t together. I'll always consider you one of my closest friends. Good luck with whatever you decide to do. I love you man.
DJ Rosevear
(great guy. good thing he wants to be my friend since he married one of my best friends)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Big City Girl

It seems like everyone I talk to or read about is taking a summer vacation. I'm feeling jealous. We're not taking our big vacation until November, so I feel like I need to reminisce about a past vacation to make myself feel better.

In January 2007 Les gave me a trip to New York for my Christmas present. New York was thee place I had always wanted to visit. I love big cities. I'm not really a beach vacation person. I like to be walking/traveling around seeing things. We saw Central Park, China town, Ground Zero, The Statue of Liberty, The United Nations Building, A Broadway Play, The Museum of Natural History, Time Square, The Museum of Modern Art, Lots of Subways, Rockefeller Center, Ellis Island, H&M about 8 times, and more. This was probably my favorite trip ever - even if the temperature was below freezing most days. We have several great friends living in New York City that I was able to site-see with and catch up with. It was dreamy. Honey, let's go back.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Here's a comment

My mom sent me this email which she said she would have posted as a comment(s) on my blog if she knew how.  After reading it I forwarded it to Les for his enjoyment.  His reply was "Let's be honest.  Your mom is amazing."  I agree.  

Oh my gosh, I just watched that Matt thing with the wigmen on your blog. I was laughing so hard. That was so I don't know what? Funny and amazing. The wig men were sure good-natured about the whole thing. Just looking at them you'd be afraid they were about to come after you with spears, but they were just laid back and cool, like yeah, whatever. I loved it. I'm editing right now, but then I want to watch the others. Where do you find these things?
Your pictures of the things you did last week (or the week before?) turned out great. I'm glad you could tell in the picture how cool those centerpieces were. Sometimes pictures don't do things justice, but that picture was nice. And the pictures of Gus of course couldn't do him justice because it would be impossible to capture his cuteness. Les looks so young. But then he is. Thirty is very young! What a week you had, Lady!
Oh, now weren't you supposed to tag some people after you met Alicen's challenge? (Good fears, by the way. Hey, you wuss, who's afraid of falling out of roller coasters? Certainly not me.) This isn't a hint for you to tag me, by the way. I don't want to talk about my fears, thank you. Who has that much time? It's just that I noticed you hadn't tagged anyone.
I would have put this comment on your blog, but I didn't know how. It's too long anyway. Love you mucho, Mom.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

14 months, 42 countries

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

I'm a huge fan of impromptu dancing. This video put me in a good mood.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Event #2

The day after my work luncheon I was to carry out the Ward Campout. Our campout last year was my first activity being in this calling so it was pretty simple - not a lot of fluff. So, this year I tried to amp it up. And I might have gone overboard a little bit. Thank goodness for a forgiving committee. We had a chili cook-off for dinner, a game after dinner, we brought a projector and showed the Princess Bride, and then we had canoeing the next morning. I think I'm learning that the food is the main thing that people care about. Everything went well. No bear attacks. The campsite (up Weber canyon) was really beautiful. It was nice to spend some time in nature.

Gus scoping out the canoeing

Gus and Les hanging out in our tent

Our dope ward

Monday, August 11, 2008

Event Planner

The last week of July I was a busy girl with 2 big events to plan/carry out.  On Thursday the 31st we had a luncheon for work.   My boss wanted to impress several of the Realtors that bring him business regularly, thank them, and hopefully get them refocused on their yearly goals with the year being half over.  Crazy thought - 2008 is half over.   With a theme of FOCUS I bought and wrapped a pair of binoculars for all of the attendees.   At the last minute I realized I needed some centerpeices so I ran to Costo the morning of and threw these together.  Luckily they turned out really nice.  And we raffled them off after the lunch.  

Thursday, August 07, 2008


My mom reminded me that I'd been invited by Alicen to participate in the following tag... so, here it is.

3 Joys:  Hanging out with Gus when he's in a good mood.  Hanging out with Les when he's in a good mood - just kidding Les is always in a good mood.  Having a good conversation with my parents.  I guess life is best when it's simple.

3 Fears:  Losing Les or losing a child.  I don't know - being tortured, or being in a pit full of snakes, being attacked by a bear, falling out of a roller coaster,  stuff like that.  It's dark, I know.

3 Goals:  I've always wanted to be able to identify trees, flowers, and maybe even some birds like my grandma can.  I'd like to have a successful interior design business.  And I'd like to raise good, nice kids. 

3 Current Obsessions:  Studying up on Landscape Design to try to make my yard beautiful... I'm still pretty stumped (I'd love any tips).  Cooking healthier.  So you think you can Dance...

3 Surprising Facts About Me:  I refuse to read Twilight (at least for now).  I watch the Disney channel - Raven and Hannah mostly.  I sound old over the phone.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Thanks to several friends who loaned us the gear, Gus and I were able to go out for a bike ride yesterday morning.  I'm pretty sure Gus had a good time (he was silent the whole ride except for 2 blurts of "Fun, Mom").   I, however, had a super amazing time.  I felt like my childhood came rushing back as the wind blew in my face.  When it was about that time to return the bike trailer I passed right by Steph's house and did one more ride around the block.  I really didn't want to be done.   

So I guess I'll be buying a bike trailer.  Oh... and a bike.  (Thanks Hannah and Melanie and Steph for letting me borrow)

We've had a busy summer.  I have a lot I want to write about.  It'll come one of these days.