Monday, April 26, 2010

Quick Decorating Project

I spent a couple days last month helping my mom do a quick change to she and my dad's bedroom. My parent's had recently put in new carpet and new paint. She didn't want to spend a lot more- just update and refresh the decor and maybe help make their small bedroom feel larger.

I love doing projects in my parent's house because I can do most of the shopping among my mom's existing stuff. She has lots of cute accessories and furniture that can be moved around. This project only cost between $200-$300.

These pictures were actually taken after we'd done some purging of old stuff and moving in some furniture from other rooms.

We saved money by using most of her same stuff - bedspread, curtain rods, curtains, and headboard. We just needed to add more volume to her current headboard. To do that we layered her current cream sheers with these red and white striped panels (and matching bedskirt). We flanked the headboard with two solid night stands, new lamps, and of course new pillows on the bed to create a stronger focal point.

I also worked on Les's sister's bedroom last month. I'll post some pictures of that project very soon.