Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Very Educated Mother Just Saw Uncle Nick (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune)

One of our favorite places to take Gus is the Planetarium at the Gateway. We had sweet cousin Tessa with us a few weeks ago and it just so happened that they had a treasure hunt event going on. They made bracelets, made and launched rockets, and met some guy dressed up in a spacesuit (who happened to be about 5 feet tall) Free entertainment.

Gus and Tessa get along really well. Tessa is 6 months younger but they are the same height. She didn't say much of anything the whole time she was visiting and then on the way home from the Planetarium she laughed for about 5 minutes straight until Gus asked her to be quiet.

Here is Tessa doing crazy eyes.

And Gus trying to steal the attention away from Tessa.


Alicen said...

She was in heaven. The girl can't get enough of her cousin Gus. She kind of worships the kid. Hopefully he won't lead her astray! ;) j/k. Thanks for taking her...and allowing Darrin and I to get our valentine date on!

Jen said...

I love that mars background. We sent a picture of our family on Mars there on Christmas cards one year. What a fun place, looks like they had a great time!

Quinn and/or Lauralee said...

Hey Christy. It's Quinn. That guy is not dressed in a space suit -- he's dressed as a clone trooper from Star Wars.

Anyway, yes, my brother *is* a firefighter at the station by the fairgrounds. Why do you ask?